Easter egg garland close-up

My grandmother and great-grandmother were crafty too. My great-grandmother specialized in tatting, crochet, and ribbon roses. My grandmother dabbled in many handicrafts, including painting china, sculpting clay roses, découpaging, quilling, welding, and making 3D pictures (I’ll teach you the latter someday). She even made adorable miniature Play-Dough Christmas scenes inside gilded duck eggs. Oh, how I wish I had a picture of them.

My grandmother made these decorated plastic ball ornaments for us grandkids one Christmas, and we received another one year after year. She made these for me when I was in my peach faze. Before that was my lavender faze. I soon learned not to choose a favorite color because every gift she gave me (bless her heart) was my favorite color. I got tired of my “favorite” color quickly.

Easter egg centerpiece

My grandmother intended these ornaments as Christmas decorations. I loved them, but I never hung them on my tree because they didn’t seem Christmasy to me. They’re perfect for Easter, though. You can hang them on an Easter tree, set them on candlesticks and group them as a centerpiece, or dangle them from a a gossamer garland. Any way you display them, these clear Easter egg ornaments are fun and easy to make. Click “Read more” to see a two versions of the entire Easter garland. Happy Easter!

Tutorial and photos after the jump!

Easter egg garland

Minimalist Easter garland

Although I like the fun letters, I prefer the classy simplicity of just the Easter egg ornaments paired with the ribbons. How about you?


How to make Easter egg ornaments

Supplies and tools

  • clear glass/plastic balls or egg-shaped ornaments
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • pre-made mini paper, silk, or ribbon flowers (available at craft stores)
  • clear iridescent Easter grass (available at craft stores)
  • ribbon, mini pearl strands, lace, or any other embellishment you wish

Fill with Easter grass

1. First, fill your ball with Easter grass. Remove the metal hanger/cap, crumple up a fistful of Easter grass, and patiently stuff it in the small hole at the top of the ornament. (This ornament was decorated first, but I discovered that it’s easier to fill it first, then decorate it.) Replace the cap.

Glue on flowers

2. Glue on your flowers, ribbons, or other decorations. My grandmother grouped hers near the top, but you can place them any way you want.

Here are five examples of how you can decorate your Easter egg ornament. (Click the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.)


How to make an Easter egg garland

Supplies and tools

  • Silhouette CAMEO
  • 1 sheet of adhesive cardstock
  • 2 sheets of patterned scrapbook paper
  • double-sided foam tape
  • craft glue
  • Easter ornaments
  • Five ribbons of different widths. I used (available at Michael’s):
    • 4-inch white polka-dot tulle
    • 2-1/2-inch sheer white wired ribbon with flowers
    • 1-1/2-inch Easter flowers wired ribbon
    • 3/8-inch pink gingham polyester ribbon
    • 1/8-inch pink satin ribbon

Cut out letters on CAMEO

1. These letter tags are double-sided, so you can hang the garland anywhere. Use your CAMEO to cut out your tags and letters on adhesive backed cardstock. I used this 5-piece gift tag set. I deleted all but the tag at the top right, rotated it, resized it to 4.875 inches tall by 3.125 inches wide, and duplicated it five times. Then I typed E-A-S-T-E-R  in the free Lobster font, sized it about 3 inches tall, ungrouped the letters, then placed one in the center of each tag.

Adhere the paper together

2. To cut out the tag pattern on the patterned paper, simply delete the letters and cut just the tags out. Cut six tags on each sheet of patterned paper. Peel off the backing on your adhesive letters and tags. Stick them on the patterned paper.

Glue the letters back-to-back

3. Glue the tags back-to-back. Make sure you spell Easter backwards on the back side of the tags, so you can read E-A-S-T-E-R from either side of the garland.

Stack the ribbon

4. Unroll the whole 3-yard spool of colored ribbons. Sandwich them between the wide/sheer ribbons, then trim the wide ribbons the same length.

Gather and tie

5. Trim the ends of the ribbons diagonally. Then cut the 1/8-inch ribbon in 12-inch pieces. Decide how long you want the tails of your garland to be, then gather the ribbons together and tie a knot around them with the pieces of skinny ribbon. Let the tails dangle. Repeat at the opposite end of the garland.

Stick to the wall

6. Using double-sided foam tape, duct tape, or hooks, hang the garland on the wall (or wherever) at the two gathered points.

Gather and tie in the middle

7. Gather in the middle, tie with the skinny ribbon, and anchor to the wall. Tie skinny ribbons around the middle of those two sections and anchor those to the wall too.

Tie on Easter egg ornaments

8. Tie an Easter egg ornament at each anchor point. Let the ribbon tails dangle, tie them in a bow, or tuck them inside the garland.

Tie on the letters

9. Tie the letter tags onto one of the thinner ribbons of the garland.

E-A-S-T-E-R tags

10. Let the tags dangle down on about the same length of skinny ribbon. Slide them to space the letters evenly.

Finished garland

11. Add other ornaments, flowers, or butterflies, if you wish.