Orange fabric flower headbands

Fabric flower headbands

As some of you may recall, I saved last year’s yo-yo crafts for this year’s girls camp. The girls with patience and determination loved making yo yos. For others, hand sewing was a bit arduous. So, I came up with an easier alternative: fabric flower headbands. It was a hit. (I just added pictures of some of the fabulous yo-yo headbands the girls made. Check them out here.)

Tutorial and photos after the jump!

Young women making flower headbands

We used the same circles of fabric that were cut for making yo yos, but no sewing was required. All it took was a little trimming, folding, and hot gluing. I based the idea on a flower pendant I saw for sale at Michael’s a few months ago.

Fabric flower headbands and boutineers

The girls got pretty creative with it. Some combined fabric flowers and yo yos. Some mixed patterns with reckless abandon—with beautiful results. And one girl made boutineers with .22 bullet shells in the center (photo on the right) as gifts for a couple of the volunteer dads in camp.

How to make fabric flower headbands and barrettes

Flower headband supplies

Supplies and tools

  • fabric (thin fabric works best)
  • buttons or rhinestones
  • scissors
  • headbands (we used Goody Stayput headbands) or bobby pins, barrettes
  • pencil, pen, or fabric marker
  • cup, quarter, or other circle templates
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • felt

Trace a circle pattern onto fabric

1. Trace your circle template onto ironed fabric with a pen or pencil. You need eight circles for each flower. Our circles were 2-3/4 inches. Cut each just inside the circle you drew (so you cut off your marks). If you are cutting many circles, use thinner fabric and fold it so you can cut 2-4 circles at a time.

Cut circles

2. Trace a smaller circle template onto some scrap felt. Our felt circles are 1-1/4 inches. Cut them out.

Cut scallops

3. Cut five scallops at the outer edge of the circles to create petals. They don’t have to be even. In fact, I think the flowers look better if the petals are uneven.

Glue petal #1

4. Petal #1 — Fold one of the scalloped circles in half, then in half again so it’s shaped like 1/4 of a pie. Put a tiny dollop of hot glue at the pointed tip and glue it in the center of the felt circle.

Glue petal #2

5. Petal #2 — Fold each petal the same way and glue it down so that it covers half of the petal underneath it.

Note: The key to a fluffy flower is using as little glue as possible.

Glue petal #3

6. Petal #3 — Your petals should create 1/2 a pie now.

Note: These photos show the open end of the folded petals layered underneath the petal next to it. Your flowers will be fluffier if you place the open end above the petal next to it instead.

Glue petal #4

7. Petal #4 — Continue as before.

Glue petal #5

8. Petal #5 — Continue as before.

Glue petal #6

9. Petal #6 — Continue as before.

Glue petal #7

10. Petal #7 — Continue as before. Petal #7 will line up with the edge of petal #1.

Lift petal #1

11. Peel back petal #1 so that it can overlap petal #8.

Glue petal #8

12. Petal #8 — Glue on the last petal so that it overlaps petal #7 and “underlaps” petal #1.

Glue rhinestone in center

13. Glue a rhinestone or button in the center.

Glue flower onto headband

14. Glue the flower onto your headband or barrette.

Glue 2nd flower

15. Glue the flowers very close together on a stretchy headband such as this because they will move apart when you put the headband on.

Orange fabric flower headbands

16. Experiment with fabrics, sizes, and colors…and make as many as you want!