Framed silhouette words - HOPE

My friend Julie inspired this idea. She framed some fall leaves in a large clear acrylic frame. I loved its simplicity. These Coach picture frames that I received as a gift years ago were perfect for spelling out a word. I had five frames, but I was set on spelling hope, so I added a dove to the fifth frame. (I know: Doves are the universal symbol for peace, but to me a dove with an olive branch—from the story of Noah’s Ark—symbolizes hope.) You could also frame other obvious words such as peace, faith, and love—or your name or the initials of the members of your family.

How to make framed silhouette words

Supplies and tools

  • 1 sheet black construction paper
  • scissors
  • printed stencils (see below)
  • magnetic acrylic frames (find similar ones at Bed Bath & Beyond and

Framed silhouette words - supplies

1. Use a computer graphics program to spell out and print the word you’ve chosen. Change your text to outlines to save printer ink. (The font I used was 430 pt Minion Pro Semibold.) Or print the stencils I made. Download the hope stencil here, and the dove stencil here.

Cutting the letters out

2. Place your stencil on top of a sheet of black paper and cut both sheets around the stencil. Discard the stencil when done.

Framed silhouette letters - HOPE

3. Insert each letter into a frame. That was easy!