DIY magnetic picture frame - after

Supplies for DIY magnetic frame

What can I make with an old picture frame that’s missing glass, a free fabric sample from FabMo, and an 8- x 10-inch LoRan magnet board that my friend Chris gave me? Another friend, Kristi, had an idea: a mini magnetic board. If you add a few more magnetic boards, frames, and coordinating fabrics, you could hang a whole collection of magnetic frames on the wall. They’re perfect for school photos, business cards, or other small ephemera. And you can easily swap out the fabric to fit the season.

How to make a magnetic picture frame

Supplies and tools

Prime and paint the picture frame

1. Paint two coats of primer. Let dry. Apply one coat of paint.

pick up excess paint

2. Use a small dry paintbrush to brush away the excess paint that pools among the ornate surfaces of the frame, then let dry. Apply a second coat of paint and repeat with the dry paintbrush.

paint the back too

3. If you’re not hanging the frame on the wall, it’s a good idea to paint the back side as well.

Iron the fabric

4. Iron your fabric piece.

Wrap the magnet board in fabric

5. Tightly wrap the fabric around the magnet board and tape in place.

DIY magnetic picture frame - after

6. Insert the fabric-covered magnet board into the frame, then insert the easel back. Add magnet, photos, etc.