Drywall ruler

Drywall ruler with cardbaord

This quick fix was one of those aha! inspirations for me. Ever need a straight edge to measure and cut a large piece of fabric, cardboard, or paper? Forget cheap yardsticks (you’ll only slice slivers of wood off when cutting) or expensive T-squares (that for some reason are never really square) or fancy metal rulers (that usually aren’t long enough). Pick yourself up a Drywall T-Square. They’re four feet long, sturdy, and only about $12 at your local hardware store. I use it for cutting everything now. And the next time I cut drywall, it will come in especially handy.

And the winner is …

Random number generatorThank you everyone who commented on the ReSew post. I chose a winner from among you using the random number generator at random.org. The winner is #19: Janel Gradowski, who blogs at Janel’s Jumble. She wrote “I have been shopping at second hand stores since I was a child. I just love bringing home fantastic finds. It would be great to learn how to modify them into something completely different!” Congrats, Janel! Jenny Wilding Cardon’s autographed ReSew: Turn Thrift-Store Finds into Fabulous Designs is in the mail.