Stocking stuffers for kidsPhoto by rickszczechowski/

These stocking stuffers aren’t handmade, so they didn’t make the cut for my list of 137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas, but no Christmas gift list would be complete without stocking stuffer ideas. Besides, I’m a sucker for classic toys and practical gifts. Parents sometimes fall back on candy and the latest cheap plastic junk (that kids discard as fast as they eat the candy). Instead, give your kids stocking stuffers that are useful and engaging. The best part? None of these require batteries!

Stocking stuffers for kids

  1. Woodstock Bluesband harmonica

    harmonica |

    Woodstock Blues Band Harmonica

  2. bag of marbles
  3. polished rocks
  4. sea shells
  5. foreign coins
  6. magnifying glass
  7. rubber bouncy ball
  8. magnets
    Rare-earth magnets
  9. stamp and stamp pad
  10. four-color pen
  11. drawing pad and pencils
  12. box of crayons or colored pencils
  13. toothbrush
  14. deck of card games (Uno, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, or Go-Fish)
  15. bubbles
  16. kaleidoscope
  17. Animal cookie cutters

    cookie cutters |

    cookie cutters
    Animal Pals 50-Piece Cookie Cutter Set

  18. yo-yo
  19. Slinky
  20. paddle ball
  21. whistle
  22. long piece of rope
  23. Rubik’s Cube
  24. Silly Putty
  25. compass
  26. Hacky Sack
  27. pocket knife
  28. mood ring
  29. mittens
  30. sidewalk chalk
  31. Hand-crank LED flashlights

    Handcrank flashlights |

    hand-crank flashlight
    Hand-crank LED Flashlights

  32. puzzle
  33. solar calculator
  34. glow sticks
  35. silly straws
    12 Crazy Loop Straws
  36. fake tattoos
  37. Play-Doh
  38. nail polish
  39. hair brush or comb
  40. barrettes
  41. jump rope
  42. finger paints
  43. water gun
  44. Finger puppets

    finger puppets |

    finger puppets
    12pc Animal Finger Puppets

  45. key chain
  46. jacks
  47. ball of string
  48. sunglasses
  49. Chapstick or lip gloss
  50. gum
  51. stickers
  52. watch
  53. an orange
  54. tops
  55. slingshot