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This is the final part of my list of 137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas, and we’re down to these two categories: 1) Media & services and 2) Cards & wrapping. I included cards and wrapping because oftentimes they are just as important as the gift itself. I hope you found this monster-of-a-list entertaining and helpful. Click here for Part 6. Check out these stocking stuffer ideas for kids too.

Part 7: Media & services

DIY framed quote


120. A friend or relative who enjoys poetry, famous quotes, or sayings would relish one of his/her favorites written in calligraphy or hand-painted in a frame or on a plaque.
Another way to frame a quote

121. For your elders, research newspaper and magazine articles from their youth and present in a scrapbook. Or collect newspaper articles from the year they were born.
Find your local library

122. Make a mixed CD and choose songs that make you think of that person. Under each title explain why you chose that song.
How to use iTunes to create a mix CD

Thomas Paul notebooks


123. Collect quotes that remind you of someone and either type or hand write them in a handsome notebook or journal.
Logs and journals at See Jane Work
Make a fabric notebook cover

124. Why wait for a funeral to share your fondest memories? Give a top 10 list of your fondest memories of the recipient. Download my official certificate, print it on quality legal size paper, write your memories, roll it up, and tie a baby blue ribbon around it.
Download the official certificate

125. Videotape and interview parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles about childhood memories, how they met, etc. and give to siblings, children.
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Knock Knock vouchers


126. Create or buy vouchers for gifts of service. Examples: massage, spring-cleaning, babysitting, garbage/dish duty, lunch date, car wash, dog walking/pet sitting, dinner at favorite restaurant, homemade meal, evening strolls, or a trip to the zoo, museum, or park.
Vouchers from Knock Knock

127. Got a nice voice? Know some folks who do? Organize them into carolers and visit a hospital or retirement home. Take along some holiday goodies. You might be the only Christmas spirit they have.
Cookie recipes
Free Christmas carol sheet music

Bindertek 3-ring binders


128. Ask the children and grandchildren in your family to write stories or draw pictures of meaningful experiences or lessons learned from grandparents. Put them all together in a binder or book as a gift to the grandparents.
Bindertek 3-ring binders

129. Offer to teach a skill you possess, such as canning tomatoes, swing dancing, knitting, building furniture, or doing the butterfly stroke. Or offer to share a particular talent you possess such as photography, gardening, or financial planning. Canning tomatoes with friends

Cards & wrapping

Pop-up cards


130. Make your own pop-up Christmas cards. They’re easier than you think with these patterns:
Robert Sabuda’s Christmas tree pattern

Other Robert Sabuda patterns
Martha Stewart pop-up cards

Kirigami cards

131. If you’re not into pop-up cards, try one of these handmade greeting card ideas:
Handmade Christmas card ideas from Martha Stewart

132. Fold your own gift boxes. Make them out of lightweight cardboard, then wrap with pretty paper, or make them directly from decorative paper.
Lots of packaging templates
DIY cereal gift box

Pop top can


133. Pack gifts in recycled soup cans, coffee cans, and pop-top cans.
Pop top can
Reusable wrapped gift canisters

Video: Wrap a coffee can

134. Create your own gift tags. Print out free gift tags from the internet or make them from old Christmas cards. For reusable gift tags: Cut out the design from each Christmas card. Create name tags (To: Johnny, From: Angie) for all family members. Glue the card designs and name tags onto card stock and laminate or cover with clear Con-Tact paper. Then use a grommet or hole puncher to make a hole and tie them onto packages with ribbon.
Free gift tags

Recycled gift tags

Wrapagami book


135. Wrap gifts in newspaper, maps, scarves, or interesting pieces of cloth.
Book: Wrapagami: The Art of Fabric Gift Wraps

136. Make your own ribbons. Make professional-looking star-shaped bows or tie a simple no-knot bow that falls away like in Hollywood movies.
Video: Star-shaped bows
Video: No-knot bow

137. Sew reusable gift bags with a drawstring closure out of Christmas fabric. Make several sizes and pass them around to each person in the family. The gift bags can be reused, year after year.
East-to-sew drawstring gift bags